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Adopting salary transparency policies? Do this first

Salary transparency has been the hottest topic of the new year. California and Washington recently joined New York City and Colorado as the only states or cities requiring employers with 15 or more employees to post salary ranges with their job announcements.  And...

How to happily deal with rude people at work

Research from the Harvard Business Review shows that rudeness is running rampant. Fights on planes, unhappy fast-food customers, toxic bosses – the list goes on. People like to blame the pandemic for an uptick in the uncouth, but I think it’s just our nature. After...

Joe Szynkowski featured on ‘Small Town Big Business’ podcast

I was recently fortunate enough to be featured on the "Small Town, Big Business" podcast. It was an absolute blast to sit down with hosts Russell Williams and Allison Hasler to chat about my experience starting and growing The UpWrite Group, as well as the...

A 2022 Book Review from Friends of The UpWrite Group

With 2023 right around the corner, I wanted to give credit to some of the best books I read in 2022. Then I started thinking, who cares what I read? I want to know what my friends read! Hopefully this list inspires you to pick up some books or download Audible in...

The UpWrite Group in the Community

Since 2015, The UpWrite Group has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to high school seniors. The students are required to complete an essay describing how they will use communications and writing in their career field. We have had submissions from future...

The UpWrite Group: Client Success Stories

At The UpWrite Group, we take an anti-agency approach to solving our clients’ most pressing communications, branding, and public relations challenges. Read on for some of our success stories. Client Challenge #1: “NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WE DO...EVEN OUR INTERNAL TEAM.”...

Freelance & remote workers have evolved from ‘extra’​ to ‘essential’​

Freelancing is taking over the working world. When I ghostwrote the book, “Freelance Nation” back in 2015, the gig worker was just beginning to be recognized as a viable professional. Eight years and a global pandemic later, today’s businesses are relying...

Unpacking the new CPaaS Offering: ‘Collaboration Platform as a Service’ or ‘Confusing People as a Service?’

Every company is looking for a communications edge. The pandemic has produced new issues in worker productivity and collaboration that require sophisticated solutions. Case in point, consider this conversation recently overheard on a Zoom, Teams, or WebEx meeting – I...

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