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Talk is Cheap: Why Are Companies Ditching Marketing Agencies for In-House Strategies?

No industry is safe from an ever-changing shift in its business models and customer base. As the corporate world evolves, a strategy that is facing a downhill trend and may eventually become obsolete is the need for an outside marketing agency. According to AdAge,...

Your startup closed a funding round! Now go get an agency, right? Wrong!

Let’s tackle something I see all too often: Startups throwing their first round of funding at a marketing agency. It might seem like a no-brainer to get your name out there, but this is a trap. First off, let's talk about what a marketing agency really is. They're...

LinkedIn for Leaders: How the right profile can boost your personal AND company brand

As a business leader, you know how important it is to stay ahead in today's competitive business landscape. One tool that can help you in this endeavor is LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking platform. LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for...

Your Brand Just Joined TikTok…Should You Abandon Ship?

Move over gun violence, climate change, healthcare costs, and economic equality…America has a new public enemy No. 1 — TikTok. As our elected leaders scramble to enforce a ban on an app that so many use to distract themselves from the country’s real issues (see...

Five emerging trends in sales enablement

Businesses in every industry are benefiting from effective sales enablement tools and strategies. Instead of using trial-and-error methods to hope for sales, the strategy utilizes defined and proven tactics that improve the buyer’s experience and ultimately increase...

Stop wasting money and time with a lackluster training program

There is an old saying that “you pay for training whether you schedule for it or not.” Unfortunately, your organization may be overlooking the importance of investing in employee training and end up paying the price in the long run. There are many ways that this lack...

5 tips to help older professionals learn new technology

Age discrimination is a thing. The multiple comments and private messages we received after posting our recent blog prove it. As an older professional, it’s time to take control of the situation instead of waiting for corporate America to change its ways. Improving...

More Than a Number: Age Discrimination is on the Rise

Contributing Author: Martha Head As the number of American workers work past traditional retirement age, the impacts of age discrimination are also on the rise. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census reveal that in 2020, 19.5 percent of Americans over 65...

WorkHappy Spotlight: Keagan Schlosser relishing her stint as an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger

Keagan Schlosser politely holds up her index finger and whips her head around to address the wide-eyed person walking up to her vehicle. “Take a picture! Yes, take a picture! Yes, I’m sure!” By the time she spins back around to continue our Zoom video interview, she...

Adopting salary transparency policies? Do this first

Salary transparency has been the hottest topic of the new year. California and Washington recently joined New York City and Colorado as the only states or cities requiring employers with 15 or more employees to post salary ranges with their job announcements. ...

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