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Why Executive Social Media Presence is a Game-Changer

Social media is the king of modern communication. But here’s the kicker: When it comes to your top brass, it’s not just about being’s about being influential. An executive’s presence on social media is a strategic asset for your entire organization....

Work Happy Happy Hour – 2024 Resources!

Welcome to the Resources page for the Work Happy Happy Hour! We will be adding each month's links below. Thank you for attending and sharing these resources. We hope they help you and those in your network find true work happiness! JUNE 2024 Looking to collab with...

Boost Your Bank’s LinkedIn Game: Why It’s More Crucial Than Ever

The landscape of social media marketing has evolved significantly, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram often steal the spotlight, LinkedIn remains a critical yet underutilized channel for financial...

From Setbacks to Success: Justin Strong’s Remarkable Rise to Colts Minicamp

Former Southern Illinois University running back Justin Strong took in the National Football League draft last month from his hometown of Fairview Heights surrounded by family and friends. And although his name wasn’t called by the time the draft ended Saturday...

3 ways to overcome imposter syndrome in the workplace

You’ve heard of faking it until you make it. But what if it feels like you’ll never ‘make it?’ When we lack confidence in our abilities as professionals, a persistent shadow often lurks in the corners of our minds. And there’s a name for it. Imposter syndrome. It’s...

Work Happy Spotlight: Jon Hiltz, Co-Owner of Celebrations Event Center

Ready to be inspired? Introducing Jon Hiltz, the owner of Celebrations Event Center located in Marion, Illinois, whose journey weaves through service, entrepreneurship, and community building. Born in Maine and raised across Texas and Mexico, Jon's early years were...

Ghost Swap: Why Frustrated Job Candidates are Turning the Tables on Employers

About 78 percent of job seekers have ghosted a prospective employer, according to a December report from the job site Indeed. That's up from the prior year, when 68 percent said they'd gone AWOL during the hiring process sometime over their career. Why the sudden lift...

10 Signs That It’s Time to Step Away from a Successful Career

The sports world was shellshocked this week with the retirement of three highly successful head coaches. Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), Nick Saban (Alabama Crimson Tide), and Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) all hung up their headsets after combining for 918...

Learn How a REAL Recruiter Scans Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

I wanted to learn how talent acquisition leaders scan your LinkedIn profile and resume. Instead of asking ChatGPT, I asked real people. Here's what Stacey Bauer, Talent Acquisition Specialist at CNC Foundations, had to say: Q: What are the top three elements or...

24 Ways to Elevate Your Executive Influence in 2024

Leaders looking to elevate your influence in 2024, here are 24 ideas:  #1 Refine Your Personal Brand: Ask yourself what you want to be known for and start building a narrative around your mission. Stay consistent and genuine with the insights you share on social...

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