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I wanted to learn how talent acquisition leaders scan your LinkedIn profile and resume. Instead of asking ChatGPT, I asked real people.

Here’s what Stacey Bauer, Talent Acquisition Specialist at CNC Foundations, had to say:

Q: What are the top three elements or sections you prioritize when evaluating a job-seeker’s LinkedIn profile, and why do these hold particular importance?

A: I use LinkedIn to double-check the accuracy of their resume. I usually check the company they say they work for and see if they are posted on the company’s website. If someone else is posted I usually address it in conversation.

Q: What are the top recommendations or tips you would give to management candidates aiming to optimize their LinkedIn profiles to stand out to recruiters in the current job market?

A: My biggest suggestion for candidates using LinkedIn to be active. Post something. Like something. So at least I know information is relevant. I speak to a few people who I think are still working for ‘Company A’ and they left that job 3 years ago. So just keeping everything up to date.

Q: Can you tell when a resume or LinkedIn profile is created using artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT? Do you care?

A: I don’t care as long as the candidate can talk to the words and phrases the resume states. I can only tell when I ask them to elaborate on something and they give the deer-in-the-headlights look.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re active in the job market and looking to elevate your leadership profile.

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