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Leaders looking to elevate your influence in 2024, here are 24 ideas: 

#1 Refine Your Personal Brand: Ask yourself what you want to be known for and start building a narrative around your mission. Stay consistent and genuine with the insights you share on social platforms and with your team. (Only use ChatGPT for research and outlines…authenticity matters!) 

#2 Invest in an Executive Coach: Engage a coach to serve as an unbiased sounding board, gain new perspectives, and overcome personal challenges.

#3 Up Your Networking Game: Actively build relationships with influential leaders in your industry through events, conferences, and associations. Get back out there and shake things up.

#4 Use LinkedIn Learning: If you have LinkedIn Premium, you get access to a plethora of amazing training videos on all sorts of topics. Take advantage!

#5 Author a Book or Whitepaper: Share industry knowledge and experiences by writing a book or whitepaper on relevant topics. Don’t have time? Work with a ghostwriter to help bring your ideas to life. 

#6 Get Public: Seek opportunities for media appearances, interviews, or guest spots on podcasts to amplify your expertise and reach.

#7 Boost Your Brain: Enroll in executive education programs or workshops to stay updated on cutting-edge strategies and leadership trends. Prominent universities offer targeted courses that can add credibility to your personal brand. 

#8 Mentor More Often: Engage in mentorship programs, not only as a mentor but also as a mentee to gain fresh perspectives and insights.

#9 Build a Thought Leadership Platform: Create a dedicated platform (website, blog, podcast) to share unique insights and experiences regularly. 

#10 Create a Personal Advisory Board: Form a group of trusted advisors from diverse backgrounds to provide valuable guidance and perspectives. If you do this, be ready for honest, constructive criticism. 

#11 Master Social Media: Develop a deliberate social media strategy by picking one platform and sharpening your skills on it. 

#12 Take a Sabbatical: Plan periodic breaks or retreats to reflect, recharge, and gain clarity on personal and professional goals. 

#13 Get Philanthropic: Engage in philanthropic activities aligned with personal values to create a positive impact and expand influence.

#14 Participate in Mastermind Groups: Join or create mastermind groups with other executives to exchange ideas and challenges. 

#15 Join an Executive Wellness Program: Invest in your wellness, focusing on both physical and mental health.

#16 Engage in Public Policy: Research ways to get involved in public policy, especially within areas that cross your professional and personal passions. 

#17 Create a Content Calendar: Build a plan and regularly produce high-quality, insightful content such as articles and videos. 

#18 Diversify Your Skillset: Broaden what you know by exploring adjacent industries or learning complementary skills.

#19 Start a Passion Project: Initiate something that makes you happy. Start a venture that aligns with your personal interests and contributes positively to your industry or community.

#20 Join a Board: Seek positions on boards of directors in organizations aligned with your expertise and values to extend your influence.

#21 Cultivate a Distinct Leadership Style: Develop and refine a unique leadership style that aligns with your values. Share your approach with others and lead by example. 

#22 Be Thoughtful About Public Appearances: Select speaking engagements, panel discussions, or conferences strategically to ensure visibility and relevance within your target audience. There are many ‘pay-to-play’ options out there. Stick with ‘earned’ editorial opportunities at first before investing actual money. 

#23 Prepare for Crisis: Invest in crisis management training and strategies to navigate challenging situations effectively, showcasing resilience and leadership under pressure.

#24 Build Strategic Alliances: Proactively seek and nurture bonds with influential individuals or organizations that complement your goals and expand your reach and impact.

Utilize these strategies in 2024 for your most influential year yet. 

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